Pennsylvania borough calls on Supreme Court to appeal proposal

Pennsylvania borough calls on Supreme Court to appeal proposal

Saint Clair says a C&D landfill project in Blythe Township will cause water pollution.

August 1, 2017
CDR Staff
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The borough council in Saint Clair, Pennsylvania, is petitioning the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg to appeal a decision by the commonwealth court about a construction and demolition (C&D) landfill in Blythe Township, a report by the Republican Herald says.

Blythe Township has been working with a private company, FKV LLC, for more than a decade to develop the Blythe Recycling and Demolition Site (BRADS). The 252-acre site is in Silver Creek. According to the report, Saint Clair has been fighting to appeal the proposal, claiming the site will pollute the water and area.

In June 2016, the state Environmental Hearing Board dismissed Saint Clair’s appeal and in July 2016, Blythe supervisors organized a solid waste authority to manage the project. In December 2016, the solid waste authority hired Earthmovers Unlimited Inc., Kylertown, to do bulk excavation for $5,792,419.

Saint Clair attempted to appeal the case to the commonwealth court. The appeal caused project investors to put the project on hold until the outcome was released. In July 2017, the court sided with the BRADS project and rejected the appeal.

The council sent the appeal paperwork to Harrisburg on July 31. The Supreme Court selects which cases it hears, and officials are not sure if their case will be heard.