Vermeer tub grinders are packed with innovation

See how Vermeer’s tub grinders can keep you ahead of the game.

Vermeer tub grinder

Image courtesy of Vermeer

The Vermeer TG7000 tub grinder packs innovation and power for large land-clearing projects and organic/wood waste processing applications. It processes wood waste quickly with the exclusive Vermeer duplex drum to minimize maintenance, a PT Tech wet clutch with a microprocessor to automatically limit torque when necessary and a patented cutting system outfitted with 10 hammers and 20 double-bolt cutter blocks. An optional climate-controlled cab and grapple loader make the TG7000 a one-man operation to help reduce labor costs and increase job site efficiency.  

Features and benefits:  

  • Standard remote controls: a standard radio remote controls allow most machine functions to be operated from the convenience and comfort of a mobile loader.  

  • Continuous under-mill discharge conveyor system: operators handle more material with the continuous under-mill conveyor system that resists clogging.  

  • Low profile cover and deflector: reduce the quantity and distance of thrown objects with a low profile tub cover and rotor deflector.  

  • Optimal cutting performance: the patented Series III duplex drum offers proven cutting performance, reversible hammers and tips that nearly double the wear life of single-sided designs and simplify daily maintenance.  

  • Job site safety: the patented thrown object restraint system reduces the amount and distance of thrown material debris and has a smooth underside for better material flow.  

  • Overband magnet: an optional overband helps remove ferrous material from the end product.  

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