USC seeking demo leaders to participate on robotics panel

A University of Southern California research team seeks input from demolition firms on the design and implementation of a robotics workstation.

The University of Southern California is looking for business leaders involved in demolition to take part in a panel aimed at identifying features to include in teleoperation workstations for demolition robots, the National Demolition Association says in a statement.

The university’s Innovation in Integrated Informatics (i-Lab), Los Angeles, is seeking participants for the online panel that will meet starting in February.

During sessions, the university research team will show panelists from the demolition industry potential workstation features, including different types of screens and control layouts. Panel members are asked for their feedback and will be paid up to $150 an hour or $1,500 per year for their time and thoughts.

The time commitment includes two-hour quarterly online meetings for a period of up to four years during which the team hopes to identify features that would be good to include, design an interface, explore complex tasks and challenges, evaluate the workstation and interface, discuss challenges to widespread implementation of the workstation and consider adaptations for diverse worker populations.

The USC research team aims to identify the benefits and challenges associated with using a teleoperation workstation compared with traditional construction work and to improve workers’ performance, safety behavior and trust in automation in the future.

For additional information, email Patrick Borges Rodrigues, a research assistant and Ph.D. student at USC, at

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