Brigade introduces RFID warning system

Using vehicle mounted antennas, the system warns operators when they are close to an object or person and helps them avoid accidents.

rendering showing range of RFID system
Brigade's Zonesafe RFID system can help workers and property from being accidentally hit by heavy equipment or trucks.
Rendering courtesy of Brigade Electronics Inc.


Brigade Electronics Inc., with United States offices in Portland, Indiana, has added ZoneSafe, a radio frequency identification (RFID) proximity warning system, to its range of vehicle safety systems.

ZoneSafe uses RFID technology to create detection zones around vehicles, reducing the risk of injury or damage from collisions and near misses with people and property.

Designed for use in challenging environments such as warehouses, construction sites, manufacturing sites, trash sites, airports and distribution centers, ZoneSafe uses vehicle-mounted antennas that communicate with detection tags, which can be worn by workers, set up in restricted areas or placed on objects or property. When a tag enters a detection zone, the vehicle operator will automatically receive a visual and audible alert via the in-cab control unit, which will enable them to take the necessary action. Tags worn by workers on foot also will vibrate to warn of an approaching vehicle.

“Approximately 70 percent of incidents on sites happen during initial machine start-up and low speed movement because of poor visibility,” Brigade Electronics CEO Corey Heniser says. “This makes ZoneSafe ideal for vehicles and mobile machinery that frequently operate within close proximity to workers and other machines, particularly in difficult conditions. It provides fast, reliable and accurate data exchange without any limitation on the number of tags or antennas in operation.”

Due to the RFID technology, which does not require line-of-sight, tags are detected regardless of obstructions, blind spots, adverse weather conditions or poor visibility. Each tag can be identified and linked to specific people.

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