Aqua Blaster harness can minimize fatigue, injuries

Created by Itasca, Illinois-based Darley, the harness can be used with a variety of nozzles.

Aqua Blaster
The Aqua Blaster fire hose harness can help workers safety use fire hoses to suppress dust.
Photo Courtesy of Darley

The Aqua Blaster is a fire hose carrier harness frame that allows operators to use a charged fire hose with little to no stress on their backs and joints.

In construction and demolition, the Aqua Blaster can be used to help suppress dust.

Created by Darley, Itasca, Illinois, the Aqua Blaster harness is constructed and designed identically to marching band drum carriers used by drummers. The harness frame allows Aqua Blaster users to rely on their upper and lower body strength while operating a charged fire hose.

This minimizes fatigue and injuries that often are associated with manually operating fire hoses. The harness frame of the Aqua Blaster’s belly plate has a dual discharge, continuous elbow swivel flow component for the fire hose and nozzle attachments.

The dual elbow swivels are attached to opposite ends of a pipe that is mounted on the belly plate of the harness frame. The male threads on the elbow swivels are constructed to adapt and accommodate a variety of firefighting adapters and nozzles that are widely accessible.

This allows the Aqua Blaster to fit a variety of fire hoses and fire nozzles in different sizes, giving its user the option of integrating various fire hose and fire nozzle combinations that would be best suited for a specific task.

The mechanical function of the dual elbow swivel flow component will allow the fire hose and nozzle to be easily advanced and/or maneuvered by pivoting the fire nozzle up and or down and maneuvering the attached fire hose back and forth or side to side.

As an added feature, the harness frame is constructed with a locking clamp for the nozzle elbow swivel which allows both a nozzle to be locked and stationary at the desired angle. Because fire hoses are used for a variety of tasks, the Aqua Blaster would be beneficial in multiple scenarios.


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