2022 Top Demolition Contractors List


The November/December issue of Construction & Demolition Recycling will once again feature a list of the Top Demolition Contractors in the United States.

To compile the most accurate list possible for our readers, we are asking you to provide the information requested below, filling out this form by Friday, Oct. 21.

The critical statistic we are looking for (and by which listing order will be determined) is demolition-related revenue for 2021. This can include revenue from demolition contracting, the sale of recyclable materials and site-related environmental work, such as asbestos abatement.

Should you have any questions about our list and how it will be presented, please do not hesitate to email me at bgaetjens@gie.net. Thank you in advance for your assistance and participation.


Bob Gaetjens, Managing Editor
Construction & Demolition Recycling