yanmar electric excavator
Yanmar says it wants to "bring the quality and reliability of our highly respected conventional engine technology into the arena of electrification."
Image provided by Yanmar Compact Equipment.

Yanmar unveils electric mini excavator

SV17e model will be introduced first to the European market.

November 23, 2021

Japan-based Yanmar Compact Equipment (Yanmar CE) has introduced its first electric mini excavator prototype, called the SV17e. “This innovation represents an important strategic step in the transformation for Yanmar Compact Equipment,” says the company.

“Our aim, together with our dealer partners, is to build stronger relationships and create even greater customer value,” says Yanmar CE CEO Giuliano Parodi. “Our transformation will embrace our entire business and will encompass new products with alternative fuel technologies. The SV17e prototype is a clear demonstration of our intent to build a sustainable business for our customers and dealer partners.”

The SV17e is a mini excavator aimed initially at customers in the European market and competes in the 1.5 to 2.0 metric tons segment, says the company. Powered by an electric drive and 48-volt batteries, Yanmar CE describes it as “a quiet, zero emission machine designed to meet the most demanding emissions restrictions.”

“Our prototype is significant because it demonstrates our capability to bring the quality and reliability of our highly respected conventional engine technology into the arena of electrification,” remarks Cedric Durand, a director of product management. “As always, the operator is at the heart of this machine, and we have challenged ourselves to deliver the comfort, power, control and precision which we believe will surpass the expectations of professional operators.”

In preparation for the Bauma 2022 event, taking place in Germany next October, the prototype SV17e is currently undergoing a product testing regimen. “These tough field tests are uncompromising in their thoroughness to ensure an uncompromising level of durability and reliability in the design and engineering,” states Yanmar CE.

“We are very pleased with the performance to date – as you would expect, we have a rigorous testing regimen [that] pushes every aspect of the machine to its limit,” says Sota Takami, a director of engineering with Yanmar CE. “We are particularly pleased with the power and control of the machine, “he continues. “Of course, this is a quiet, zero emission machine but that, in itself, is not enough. We must create a great feeling for the operator. I am confident that professional operators will be very comfortable in this machine, they will certainly feel the power, control and the precision handling they will need to take on the big jobs as well as the small jobs.”

A video preview of the new model can be viewed via this YouTube link.