West Virginia public housing enters final demolition phase

The remaining buildings at Northcott Court in Huntington will be torn down in four to six weeks.

October 12, 2017
CDR Staff
Demolition of former public housing units in Huntington, West Virginia, entered its final phase Oct. 11, a report by the Herald-Dispatch says. Northcott Court will be reduced from 13 buildings to one building.

Seven buildings currently remain. The report says two buildings on Charleston Avenue will be torn down first, followed by two on Doulton Avenue and ending with units along the back half of the property. The demolition, which started in 2014, should be complete in four to six weeks.

Vickie Lester, executive director of the Huntington Housing Authority, says in the report that demolition was purposely drawn out to give families living in the buildings a chance to find alternative arrangements. She announced that new homes had been found for the residents at a June Hunting Housing Authority Board of Commissioners meeting.

The only building that will remain once demolition is complete is the center office building, which houses four units and a community meeting space.

Northcott Court first opened in 1940 and contained 130 housing units. It is owned by the housing authority.