Werk-Brau introduces PowerGrip Bucket
Photo courtesy Werk-Brau

Werk-Brau introduces PowerGrip Bucket

The company says the device features 120-degree jaw movement.


Werk-Brau, a heavy construction equipment manufacturer in Findlay, Ohio, has introduced the PowerGrip Bucket, a multipurpose bucket designed to improve a machine’s grading, trenching and clamshell capabilities. The company says the bucket has 120 degrees of jaw opening and a clamping force, which is three-times that of standard thumbs, eliminating the need for additional attachments.   It is suitable for handling stone, scrap material, logs and more.  

According to a news release from the company, the bucket allows users to place materials where desired on the first attempt. The design includes an enclosed rotary actuator hinge in the cross tube. The unit has no exposed cylinders or other external moving parts and no obstruction in the jaw or bucket shell, reducing the risk of cylinder failure.  

Clamping force is consistent throughout the jaws’ full range of motion, and operators can maintain a load regardless of positioning.  The company says that the bucket’s jaws exert equal force, eliminating jaw twisting.

This quick coupler-compatible design uses an existing auxiliary hydraulic circuit and includes standard original equipment manufacturer lugging for quick installation. High-strength steel is used throughout the weldment, Werk-Brau sys. Hardened, greaseable bushings are used at all pivot points. Tapered side plates are designed to reduce wear on bucket sides and allow easy dumping.

The Werk-Brau PowerGrip Buckets are available in various sizes and widths to fit up to 50,000-pound machines. A variety of tooth options or bolt-on cutting edges are readily available for customization to suit specific needs.