VIDEO: Two launch towers in Cape Canaveral implode

VIDEO: Two launch towers in Cape Canaveral implode

Launch Complex 17 hosted its last launch seven years ago.


Two launch towers in Cape Canaveral, Florida, were imploded just after 7 a.m. July 12, a report by Florida Today says. The implosion of the mobile gantries and fixed towers at Launch Complex 17 came after nearly seven years after the complex hosted its last launch.

The $2 million project had been planned for years while waiting for funding and was postponed from last year, the report says. Pads A and B at the complex date to the Air Force’s first launch of a ballistic missile in 1957.

The contract from last year also called for the removal of more than 30 launch complex facilities, associated structures and pavement. Contractors Ames 1, Anchorage, Alaska, and Alliance Steel Construction, Superior, Wisconsin, planned to recycle 1,700 tons of steel and 2,000 tons of concrete.

Moon Express, a private company in Cape Canaveral, plans to use the Launch Complex 17 space to perform short-hop tests for a small lunar lander that could fly missions for NASA and other customers, the report says.

Watch a video of the implosion provided by Florida Today below: