UNTHA launches new line of shredders

New line targets bulk materials.

May 27, 2014

Equipment maker UNTHA has launched a new line of shredders under the XR name. UNTHA says the XR shredders will target the recycling of household, commercial and bulky materials. The shredders include technology that “achieves minimal operating costs with maximum performance,” says the company, which has its North American headquarters in Hampton, New Hampshire.

The XR model features the UNTHA Eco Drive, designed to ensure that up to 50 percent less energy is consumed compared to some other electro-hydraulic drive options. UNTHA says the water-cooled drive motors require no fresh air supply and are safe in the event of thermal outages.

The use of synchronous motors also achieves “a maximum level of efficiency” that makes the UNTHA Eco Drive one of the most energy-efficient drive systems in the market, says the company. As well, maintenance expenditures can be reduced since coupling, belt, hydraulic pumps and shaft stubs are no longer required, adds UNTHA.

UNTHA says its engineers have developed two different configurable cutting systems. The XR shredder can be equipped with either the “ripper” or the “cutter” system. In combination with the patented XR strainer bar system, this ensures a specified fraction size of 50 to 400 millimeters (2 to 8 inches), depending on the desired specification. A re-squeezing feeder placed inside the cutter system has been designed to improve the feeding behavior of the rotor in the event of low material density. The ripper teeth (rippers) can be easily replaced and the multiple use cutter plates (cutters) reduce downtime to a minimum, says UNTHA, in the event that service is required. If extraneous materials block the cutting system, the fully automatic flap for unshreddable items ensures a quick, secure and comfortable removal of the foreign object.

The machine is operated via a 7-inch touchscreen color monitor containing a visual display of all parameter settings, programs and fault alerts. The machine is designed to provide “smoother, quicker and safer access to all components [with] a service platform that ensures ergonomically correct posture when working at the cutting unit, according to UNTHA. Furthermore, UNTHA points out, the compact design of the XR model range makes installation in existing systems easier, and the low filling height is designed to ensure a smooth material charge with the wheel loader.

“We are convinced that with the launch of the XR model range we are ushering in a new age in the field of efficient and modern shredders,” says Christian Lanner, UNTHA’s head of product management.

More information on the shredder can be found at www.untha.com/en.