Mack trucks for sale
Image courtesy Tiger Group

Tiger Group announces liquidation sale of Buckeye Water Services

The sale features multiple tractors and trucks, including a 2018 Kenworth T880 10 x 4 dump truck and a 2013 Mack Tractor with a 2018 Dragon tanker trailer.

Tiger Group, Boston, is offering for immediate sale an entire fleet of late model rolling stock previously operated by Buckeye Water Services from its locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania. All assets are available for individual purchase in the company-closing liquidation, which includes construction equipment and more than 100 twenty- and thirty-yard roll-off boxes. 

A wide range of assets from Buckeye Water Services, a fracking services and waste hauling company, are available for immediate sale from Tiger Group. The sale features multiple tractors and trucks, including a 2018 Kenworth T880 10x4 dump truck and a 2013 Mack tractor with a 2018 Dragon tanker trailer 

"This sale represents a particularly strong opportunity for any company that provides water services to the hydraulic-fracturing sector or hauls construction waste, in part because the rolling stock on offer is so new and well-maintained," says Chad Farrell, managing director for Tiger Commercial & Industrial. "But other companies could benefit by acquiring former Buckeye assets of more general utility, like pickup, winch and service trucks, SUVs, a Caterpillar skid steer and a lowboy trailer by Entyre." 

With two locations, one near Columbus, the other near Pittsburgh, Buckeye Water Services provided specialized services to the oil-and-gas industry for more than 50 years. The company also had substantial waste-hauling operations, according to John Coelho, senior director of Tiger Commercial & Industrial. 

Available trucks and trailers include: 

  • 2020 Peterbilt 10×4 dump trucks; 

  • 2018 Kenworth T800 10×4 dump trucks; 

  • 2018 Mack GR64F vacuum tank trucks, ranging from 2019 to 2021; 

  • 2020 Mack T/A PI64T tractor trucks; 

  • Mack T/A tractor trucks; 

  • General Motors service truck; 

  • various pickup trucks; 

  • four 12x4 Mack water trucks (2019 and 2020); 

  • one 8x4 Mack water truck (2020); 

  • two Mack 10x4 water trucks, both from 2019; 

  • Dragon vacuum trailers; 

  • Entyre lowboy trailer; and 

  • Benlee roll-off trailers. 

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For more information, contact John Coelho at or (617) 797-0430.