evoquip cobra crusher
Minnesota-based contractor Larsen Dirtworks has used the EvoQuip Cobra 230 to process reinforced concrete, recycled asphalt, construction and demolition waste and natural rock.
Image provided by Terex Materials Processing.

EvoQuip model designed to take on multiple chores

Minnesota firm Larsen Dirtworks uses Cobra 230R crusher made by Terex business unit for a variety of tasks.

January 13, 2022

An EvoQuip Cobra 230R impact crusher is taking on a variety of recycling tasks for Foreston, Minnesota-based Larsen Dirtworks LLC. That firm have been customers of Terex Corp. business unit EvoQuip for several years, according to EvoQuip.

Larsen Dirtworks has been running an EvoQuip Cobra 230R impact crusher for several applications, including processing reinforced concrete, recycled asphalt, construction and demolition waste and natural rock. An integrated afterscreen system on the Cobra 230R “ensures the required product specification is achieved with oversize material either being recirculated back to the crusher or else stockpiled,” says EvoQuip.

Larsen Dirtworks President Mark Larsen has identified some major advantages brought to the firm’s operations because of the use of the Cobra 230R, according to EvoQuip.

Larsen says the machine has the ability to adjust apron settings depending on the application, which has made a significant difference to the firm, as settings for concrete and asphalt can be very different.

The speed at which the Cobra can adjust aprons is remarkable, says Larsen, adding, “It takes longer to wait for the rotor to stop than it does to adjust them, and it’s so quick and easy.” Larsen says he also is impressed with its ability to control the aprons by remote control from an excavator. He says this significantly increases uptime and reduces blockages.

Ease of use, such as the ability to change screen media quickly, is another plus for Larsen. “It is super easy to change screens in the machine, and they can be changed in under an hour,” he comments. “In jobs where no screen is required, we can remove the close circuit system in five to six minutes. We also have the ability to unload and be crushing in 45 minutes.”

Larsen says on jobsites where there is less than 10,000 tons of material, it is “common sense” for contractors to use the Cobra 230R because of the savings it brings on mobilization. It can cost more than $10,000 in mobilization for portable setups. “We find we can save up to 70 percent on mobilization for our contractors, and it is a fast setup to begin work quickly. The Cobra 230R can be tracked between multiple piles in minimal time and the machine can be adjusted to make a variety of products depending on the contractor’s needs,” says Larsen.

He continues, “On a landfill project we had a total of 6,000 tons of rubble to crush, [and] they required 2,000 tons to be crushed to 1.5-inch-minus and the rest to 3-inch minus. After crushing the 1.5-inch-minus product, we were able to remove the screen in five minutes and set the twin apron adjustments to make the 3-inch product. Our excavator could not keep up with a 36-inch bucket—it was remarkable”

Larsen Dirtworks crushes for contractors and utility companies in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa. The firm says it sees a major benefit in reusing material on jobsites by eliminating trucking. On recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) jobs, Larsen Dirtworks is making 5/8-inch-minus with the Cobra 230R, with production of up to 215 tons per hour. On concrete, the firm is making 18-inch minus infeed resulting in a 1.5-inch-minus product, with production levels up to 200 tons per hous.

Larsen also has kind words for regional EvoQuip distributor Ruffridge Johnson (RJ), commenting, “Ruffridge Johnson’s support has been top notch, and they are always available by phone within five minutes and we can usually have answers to our queries/issues within 30 minutes from RJ or the Terex support systems in Kentucky and Ireland. Mechanics are dispatched by Ruffridge Johnson; they are onsite within 24 hours and are very knowledgeable.”