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Sims Metals says it is undertaking a $15 million investment in upgrades to its environmental control systems.
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Sims receives Illinois green light

State agency endorses metals recycler’s emissions control system in Chicago.

September 20, 2022

The Sims Metal business unit of Australia-based Sims Ltd. says the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has granted its approval to issue a construction permit to the company for a proposed advanced emission control system at its auto shredding plant in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.

“We are pleased that after a very thorough due diligence process that the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has now endorsed Sims Metal’s plan to enclose our metal shredder at all emission points and add state-of-the-art advanced emission controls by approving our request for a construction permit,” says John Glyde, Sims Metal global chief operating officer.

“Sims Metal continues to invest in upgrades at, and improvements to, the Chicago facility in Pilsen as we lead by example with best practices for other industrial employers. These significant upgrades to our environmental control systems will allow us to continue being a good neighbor. This $15 million investment in advanced controls has only been made by a handful of facilities nationwide – and none to a mid-sized metal shredder like ours. This investment in Pilsen is a win for all local stakeholders and the City of Chicago.”

About 15 miles south of the Sims Pilsen facility, the owners of a shredding plant have been engaged in a lengthy legal process to open an auto shredding facility. This February, the city of Chicago denied Southside Recycling its final permit, preventing the plant from operating.

The company and its Ohio-based ownership group, Reserve Management Group (RMG), said at the time it will challenge that decision “using all available channels.” RMG has been planning and investing some $80 million in its site since 2018.