Sennebogen expands marketing support team

Ryan Kolb joins the company as marketing manager, Americas.

January 23, 2019
Edited by DeAnne Toto

Sennebogen LLC, Stanley, North Carolina, says it has hired marketing veteran Ryan Kolb as the company’s marketing manager, Americas, to reinforce its support to distributors and their sales staff. He is based out of the company’s Stanley office.

Sennebogen LLC President Constantino Lannes says, “Ryan has a very strong track record for aligning marketing tools and sales efforts to achieve bottom line results at every level, from the factory to the end user.”

An MBA graduate from Pace University, Kolb has held several senior marketing positions within a worldwide industrial group during the past 12 years. He frequently earned recognition with that company for successful, innovative marketing leadership, Sennebogen says in a news release announcing his appointment.

“I was involved in launching a wide range of new products in that time,” Kolb says. “That exposure to different needs and applications allowed me to see how different sales tools work in different situations and in different hands. I think that will help us at Sennebogen to make sure that our sales network is well-equipped to take on the varied challenges of our established markets as well as the new opportunities that we are continuing to develop.”

Kolb is introducing himself to the company’s customers by attending local industry chapter meetings and working side by side with Sennebogen regional managers in the field. “My goal for the next year is to begin work on an integrated strategy to ensure that our sales and marketing arms are working cohesively together,” he says. “Then, in 2020, we’ll see which strategies and messages are helping the sales team to get better traction for their customers.”