ConExpo 2020: Sandvik launches Rammer Excellence Line
The Sandvik Rammer Excellence Line made its North American debut at ConExpo 2020.
Photo provided by Sandvik.

ConExpo 2020: Sandvik launches Rammer Excellence Line

Equipment company touts innovations found in its upgraded Rammer line of hammers and breakers.


Global equipment maker Sandvik unveiled its Rammer Excellence Line of hydraulic demolition hammers and breakers at the 2020 ConExpo-Con/Agg event in Las Vegas in March.

Sandvik says the Rammer Excellence Line has been designed with “customer-focused features” designed to demonstrate Rammer’s “commitment to assisting businesses to enhance their performance.”

The newly updated range now includes integrated smart technology for easier fleet management and more efficient processes, thereby continuing Rammer’s tradition of delivering innovative hammers designed to improve profitability, safety and performance, according to Sandvik.

RD3 remote monitoring devices found in Rammer Excellence Line models use the GPS and telematics technology designed to track and monitor equipment usage without the need for a technician to go to customer sites to collect data.

Sandvik says the feature is “ideal for dealers, rental companies, service managers at contractors and operators,” enabling the hammers to be viewed and monitored via Google Maps.

Operationally, RD3 enables remote monitoring of total operating hours for new units and comes with a new hammer feature, the “hour meter,” which is linked to the unit’s serial number to measure the exact number of hours it has worked. The feature enables more accurate invoicing between contractors and subcontractors, for instance.

RD3 also can help with scheduling servicing and enables an accurate value to be set if the unit is sold or traded. The system also enables owners and managers of fleets to know exactly where their equipment is at any given time.

Other features of the Rammer Excellence Line include:

  • lower tool bushing rotation designed to provide easy replacement in the field;
  • an integrated pressure bypass (IBP) on/off selector is fitted to the valve body, designed to provide easy field adjustments with separate greasing channels from the valve body to the upper and lower tool bushing;
  • new, robust plastic wear-resistant plates for optimum hammer protection and noise reduction are also now included, says Sandvik.

Sandvik describes Rammer as “a leading force in the demolition and recycling sector” that has drawn upon its years of experience in the breaking business to offer attachments that combine power, compact dimensions, durability and lightweight characteristics.