Riverfront demo project yields C&D recyclables

Riverfront demo project yields C&D recyclables

The demolition of Riverfront Village in Peoria, Illinois, is expected to yield 10,000 tons of concrete and 200 tons of steel to be recycled.


The demolition of Riverfront Village, a concrete platform in Peoria, Illinois, that was built on the Illinois River in 1999 to spur economic development as the host site to several riverfront restaurants, is near completion, the Journal Star reports.

Peoria-based demolition contractor N.E. Finch Co. has been working to demo the structure and is using three Caterpillar 336 excavators for on-site debris cleanup.

According to N.E. Finch Co. General Manager Andy Weeks, the demolition has been a nuanced project.

“The guys in the excavators don’t just go to town on it. They’re working with different tools for different jobs. On [May 17], you saw the grapple, concrete breaker and bucket at work,” he told the Journal Star.

Once N.E. Finch Co. gathers the construction and demolition (C&D) material, it will be taken to be recycled, Weeks says.

“Steel, copper and aluminum are all sorted and taken to a scrapyard for recycling. The concrete is also taken to be recycled. We recycle the concrete at a facility in the Peoria area. It’s generally turned into an aggregate that can be used on new construction projects all over this area,” Weeks says.

In all, the project is expected to yield 10,000 tons of concrete to be recycled, 200 tons of steel to be scrapped, and roughly 800 tons of material that will be taken to landfill—the latter being a last-resort, according to Weeks.

“Landfill is something we generally try to minimize because of costs we incur,” Weeks says.

The demolition and site cleanup is expected to be completed by June 15.