Republic Services crowns driving competition champions

Republic Services crowns driving competition champions

Nearly 80 of the company’s top drivers, operators and technicians participated in its ROAD-EO National Championship.


Republic Services Inc., Phoenix, announced the winners of its ROAD-EO National Championship, which brought together nearly 80 of the company’s top drivers, operators and technicians from across the country for a competition focused on safety and skill.

Republic’s ROAD-EO competition involved 40 drivers, 20 heavy equipment operators and 19 vehicle technicians who earned the opportunity to compete by winning local and area competitions.

The finalists, who represented 31 states, traveled to Arizona for the competition at ISM Raceway in Avondale. After a day of competitive skills challenges, the following eight winners were named:

  • Front Load: Dan Hill, Midwest Area, Bettendorf, Iowa.
  • Rear Load: Jesus Lizares, West Area, Gardena, California.
  • Side Load: Eric Farnstrom, Southeast Area, Lakeland, Florida.
  • Roll-Off: Jorge Marenco, West Area, Pacheco, California.
  • Collection Technician: Chris Shromoff, Midwest Area, Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
  • Bulldozer: Juan Paniagua, Mid-Atlantic Area, Greenville, South Carolina.
  • Wheel Loader: Brandon Carithers, Southeast Area, Winder, Georgia.
  • Post-Collection Technician: Roy Sauve, Northwest Area, Denver.

The collection drivers competed in one of four categories—residential rear-loader, residential side-load, industrial roll-off, and commercial front-loader—and were required to complete seven timed challenges, including parallel parking, alley backing and a serpentine course.

In the post-collection division, 10 heavy equipment operators competed in the bulldozer category, while 10 others competed in the wheel loader category, completing seven challenges of their own, including forward/back, dirt pickup and drum roll.

The technician competition consisted of diagnostic tests on either a roll-off truck or a bulldozer. Competitors were challenged with identifying and troubleshooting 10 vehicle problems in an allotted amount of time.

These 79 finalists qualified from a field of 16,000 drivers, operators and technicians. Altogether, the finalists have tallied nearly 1,000 years of service with the company.

The first-, second- and third-place winner in each category was awarded a cash prize and additional paid time off.