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May 3, 2019

Southern Recycling opens new facility

Southern Recycling LLC has opened its new processing facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The company—along with representatives from Warren County, Kentucky; the city of Bowling Green; the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce; and Houchens Industries, Southern Recycling’s parent company, both of which are headquartered in Bowling Green—recently gathered to officially open the new facility, which includes new scrap processing equipment to increase the company’s capacity.

“We are thrilled to have this new state-of-the-art recycling facility here in Bowling Green,” says Spencer Coates, the president of Houchens. “We at Houchens Industries and Southern Recycling would like to thank everyone involved in the design and completion of this facility, including the chamber of commerce, city and county governments and their representatives, and Stewart Richey Construction. Of course, we are most thankful to the management and employees of Southern Recycling for their hard work and dedication.”

Southern Recycling LLC now operates five processing facilities in Kentucky and Tennessee. Founded in 1985 and serving industrial, commercial and residential recycling customers, the company says it specializes in processing ferrous and nonferrous scrap. The company processes and ships more than 25,000 tons of recyclables a month.

“We are very excited to now position Southern Recycling as the region’s premier recycling facility and to be able to support the growth of Warren County and the surrounding area,” says John Fellonneau, Southern Recycling’s president.

“We are proud to support Southern Recycling and Houchens Industries in celebration of their new facility,” says Ron Bunch, the president and chief executive officer of the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce. “Our community has experienced unprecedented growth, which is made possible because of the valuable business and consumer services provided by companies like Southern Recycling and Houchens Industries.”