EvoQuip Cobra 290R impact crusher

EvoQuip, Dungannon, Ireland, has launched the Cobra 290R crusher. The Cobra 290R compact impact crusher builds on the features of the Cobra 230 and is designed to provide a solution for on-site recycling in urban areas. Features of the impact crusher include:

  • ground-level setup and two-button start-up sequence
  • can be used in several applications, including with reinforced concrete, recycled asphalt, C&D debris, coal and natural rock
  • throughput potential of up to 320 tons per hour, depending on feed material and apron setting
  • hinged radiator pack, hinged diesel tank and product conveyor that can be removed quickly for major maintenance

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Liftomatic 3A-HD-BHDL drum handling system

Buffalo Grove, Illinois-based Liftomatic Material Handling Inc., a material handling equipment manufacturer, has expanded its line of drum handling equipment to include the new model 3A-HD-BHDL, a below-hook drum handling system. Features of the 3A-HD-BHDL include:

  • a fully automatic and mechanical below-hook attachment
  • can be used to lift 55-gallon drums from an overhead position for placement
  • three radial arms that conform to the drum body and engage at the underside of the drum chime
  • a working capacity of up to 3,000 pounds per drum

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ASGCO overhead magnetic separator

Allentown, Pennsylvania-based Asgco is describing its complete conveyor solutions magnetic separator as an overhead magnet and nonelectric material separator that can be suspended over a conveyor or head pulley to remove ferrous metals. Features of the separator include:

  • requires no external power source
  • can extract all ferrous contamination, including very fine particles, in dry or wet conditions
  • is ideally suited for material recovery facility (MRF), mixed metal recycling, e-scrap and construction and demolition (C&D) materials
  • can be arranged to be installed inline or as a crossover magnet, depending on the specific installation needs

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Terex Washing Systems AggWash 300 washing system.

Terex Washing Systems (TWS), Dungannon, Ireland, recently displayed two new products at Hillhead—the AggWash 300 and the Terex AquaClear. Features of the AggWash 300 include:

  • was designed to address higher production requirements for recycling customers and quarry owners
  • brings together rinsing, screening, scrubbing and sand washing capabilities on a single plant
  • portable format makes it suitable for green field applications, contractor use and temporary planning permission sites
  • incorporates two triple-deck horizontal screens, rolling chutes, a logwasher, a trash screen and an integrated sand plant

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Morbark iQ-View Smart Controller

Morbark LLC, Winn, Michigan, is now offering the iQ-View Smart Controller on its 3-liter gas engines for the Beever M12R, M12D and M12RX models of brush chippers. Features of the iQ-View include:

  • smart display and controller designed to present engine and machine parameters to the operator and control the chipper’s autofeed function
  • user can select four parameters to display simultaneously
  • a second screen can be set to display four additional parameters
  • on-screen diagnostics can be used to troubleshoot system issues

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CP Automation scrap handler remote controls

United Kingdom-based CP Automation says its handheld, cordless radio control units for cranes and hydraulic material handlers allow operators “to remain on the facility floor, out of range of load swings and potentially dropped loads.” Features of the units include:

  • cordless flexibility that allows the operator to move to a different location
  • cranes can be fitted with CP Automation and motion control products made by Magnetek Inc. as an integrated package
  • package can include power delivery systems, collision avoidance systems, radio remote control transmitters, motor gearboxes, failsafe brakes and variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • a single operator could potentially manage some of the operations with below-the-hook attachments such as magnets, grabs or C-hooks

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BinMaster Stockpile Reports estimating tool

Lincoln, Nebraska-based BinMaster says the stockpile estimating tool it offers can bring “precision and reliability to measuring and monitoring volume and tonnage in freestanding stockpiles.” Features of the BinMaster’s Stockpile Reports service include:

  • automates pile measurement using pictures from a cell phone, drone, plane or a fixed camera
  • data is accessed and shared on a web portal
  • customer has access to a dashboard populated with photographs, site statistics and reports with vital information
  • is scalable from five to more than 500 piles for one site or for multiple locations managed by a company

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Rotochopper B-66 horizontal grinder

Rotochopper, St. Martin, Minnesota, manufactures industrial wood waste grinding equipment. The B-66 can transform a range of raw materials into mulch, animal bedding and more. Features of the B-66 include:

  • colorizer that injects water and colorant directly into the grinding chamber
  • screen change system that lets operators switch screens at ground level with no need for overhead lifting equipment, fasteners or special tools
  • track and dolly system that switches from road travel on tires to site navigation on tracks
  • engine options include 755 to 1,050 horsepower diesel engine or 500 to 1,000 horsepower electric motor(s)

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