New and updated products for the demolition and C&D recycling industry

Chicago Pneumatic breaker

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment (CP), Independence, Ohio, has launched the RX12, the newest addition to the RX line of rig mounted, medium hydraulic breakers. Features include:

  • a service weight of 1,380 pounds
  • an impact rate of up to 950 blows per minute
  • specified for carriers with a capacity of 19,800 to 33,000 pounds
  • uses hybrid gas/oil technology and fewer moving parts
  • incorporates noise and vibration dampening technology and an internal control valve
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Doppstadt screen

The Doppstadt SM 720 SA Plus screen from Doppstadt, with U.S. offices in Rockville, Maryland, is a new solution for operators who have to process large quantities of various recyclables in different places. Features include:

  • can separate materials into multiple fractions, including construction rubble, industrial waste, biomass or garbage, plastic, glass, paper or wood, sand, gravel, scrap or slag
  • adapts to the screening tasks by component change
  • 9.4-cubic-yard hopper can be filled continuously
  • can be equipped with screening trommels with different mesh sizes
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ASV compact track loader

ASV LLC, Grand Rapids, Minnesota, has introduced its first mid-frame, vertical lift compact track loader, the Posi-Track VT-70. The compact track loader is functional in lift, carry and load tasks as well as heavy digging in industries such as construction and excavation. Features include:

  • a vertical lift loader linkage for applications requiring extended reach and level loads, such as loading pallets
  • 65-horsepower engine produces 146 foot-pounds of torque
  • 15-inch-wide tracks, resulting in a ground pressure of 4.6 pounds per square inch
  • 13 inches of ground clearance
  • a 2,328-pound operating capacity and a tipping load of 6,650 pounds
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Volvo Construction Equipment G-Series haulers

Volvo Construction Equipment, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, has updated its G-Series haulers and added a new model, the A45G. The three smallest of the G-Series haulers now have a 1-ton higher capacity, and features of the A45G include:

  • powered by the latest Volvo D16, 4-gallon, Tier 4 Final engine, with 469 horsepower
  • a fully hydraulic suspension on all wheels
  • can work in 4-by-6 and 6-by-6 drive combinations, allowing for both off-road capability and reduced fuel consumption
  • on-board weighing, where three load indicator lights alert both the hauler operator and the excavator operator when nominal load has been reached and can warn the operators of overloading
  • Hill Assist, which holds the hauler in place on steep slopes without the need to engage the parking brake
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