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SSI Pri-Max primary reducer shredder

SSI Shredding Systems Inc., Wilsonville, Oregon, has updated its Pri-Max primary reducer shredder to include new technologies that decrease maintenance costs and improve ease of use. Features of the shredder include:

  • built to reduce the volume of bulky materials while achieving processing rates of up to 150 tons per hour
  • can be incorporated into a system as a primary shredder or used as a stand-alone machine
  • multi-material reducers that range from 200 horsepower to 600 horsepower
  • heavy-duty welded cutting table available in a variety of configurations to control output size and performance
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BossTek DB-30 Injektor

Peoria, Illinois-based BossTek says its new DustBoss DB-30 Injektor has been developed in response to customer feedback seeking a way to precisely meter additives such as surfactants, tackifiers, odor treatments and disinfectants. Features of the mist cannon include:

  • includes a dosing pump that BossTek says also can be added as a retrofit to existing DustBoss mist cannons
  • suitable for landfill, transfer station, biomass operations and soil remediation applications
  • new design relieves users of the need to measure and mix solutions to achieve desired results in specific service environments
  • standard coverage area of more than 6,100 square feet and adjustable stroke length and frequency ranging from one per hour to 100 per minute
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Equipmake electric motors

Norfolk, United Kingdom-based Equipmake announced it is now offering electric motors that offer the potential to create electric-powered versions of off-road and heavy equipment such as material handlers, loaders and bulldozers. Features of the motors include:

  • range in output from 125 kilowatts (kW) to 220kW
  • weighs as little as 31 pounds
  • permanent magnet motors use a spoke architecture to bring a cooling advantage
  • less maintenance required compared to traditional diesel machinery
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WSM Bale Processing System

West Salem Machinery (WSM), Salem, Oregon, has introduced its Bale Processing System, an automated, high-volume processing system for baled agricultural residuals. Features of the system include:

  • consists of five integrated processing modules to process 40-50 bales per hour
  • delivers process-ready feedstock for large-scale biofuel, bio-refining, bio-power and agricultural feed operations
  • a built-in disposal system removes string from the processing line
  • a screening/cleaning system can reduce maintenance by pre-screening dirt, grit, ferrous metal and other contaminants from chopped fiber

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