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March 2, 2021

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BossTek DustBoss Atom

Peoria, Illinois-based BossTek says its new DustBoss Atom has been engineered to provide greater mobility and performance. Features of the dust suppression unit include:

  • a 9.1 horsepower Kohler air-cooled engine that meets Tier-IV Final emissions standards
  • adjustable elevation angle and user-defined oscillation to allow precise aiming of dust-capturing mist comprised of millions of droplets per minute in the 50- to 200-microns range
  • a fan-less, self-contained design that incorporates remote control and 4G LTE telematics technologies
  • fits in the back of a pickup truck, so it can be quickly positioned and relocated to address dust-generating activity at the source

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Franklin Miller Super Shredder SS2400

Franklin Miller, Livingston, New Jersey, has released the Super Shredder SS2400 inline disintegrator to reduce a variety of liquid-borne solids with what it describes as “a unique, low-headloss design.” Features of the shredder include:

  • effective for operating in tough applications, such as with tar sands and dredging as well as sewage, sludge waste and process lines
  • reduces clogging and downtime
  • constructed in stainless steel with a precision tungsten carbide hardfacing to withstand a high-grit environment
  • driven by a direct-coupled gear drive that employs up to a 50-horsepower motor

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Thermo Fisher Niton XL5 Plus XRF analyzer

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tewksbury, Massachusetts, has released its Niton XL5 Plus handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer. Features of the analyzer include:

  • a weight of only 2.8 pounds
  • provides users with greater accessibility in hard-to-maneuver workspaces while reducing operator fatigue
  • enhanced software and improved detector technology
  • ideal for numerous applications where elemental analysis is needed
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    Rotar RSQ quick-coupler adapter

    Rotar International BV, a Netherlands-based manufacturer of hydraulic attachments for the demolition, recycling and scrap metal industries, has introduced its RSQ full hydraulic quick-coupler adapter. Features of the new adapter include:

    • combination can be built up to 200 millimeters shorter and up to 440 pounds lighter in comparison with traditional hammer top plates
    • improved stability of carriers because of favorable center of gravity
    • service inspection cover for the new RSQ adapter, providing easy access to components in the upper section of the attachment for service
    • additional sizes and combinations available upon request

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