Pontiac Silverdome requires second implosion attempt

Pontiac Silverdome requires second implosion attempt

Adamo Group cites limited preparation time and potential vandalism pertaining to the first attempt.

December 5, 2017
CDR Staff

The Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit failed to implode during an initial attempt on Sunday, Dec. 3, a report by ABC News says. Contracted demolition company Adamo Group, Detroit, says the cord that was meant to set off shape charges was tampered with.

The loud explosion heard by the crowd watching the demolition was what Rick Cuppetilli, executive vice presidents of Adamo, calls in the report a “kicker charge.” The eight shape charges were meant to cut the steel, but did not detonate.

A second attempt on Monday, Dec. 4, succeeded in bringing down the upper deck of the stadium, according to an online report from ESPN.

Cuppetilli indicated to ABC News that limited time to prepare for the implosion and possible vandalism were two potential culprits for the failed first explosion. The report says trespassers were caught on-site Dec. 1 and were chased out by police and security.

Adamo used 300 pounds of dynamite for the attempted Silverdome implosion and had three days to prepare for the initial attempt. Cuppetilli said without an implosion, the demolition process could require six months of pulverizers and breakers working on the structure to tear it down.

Watch a video of the failed implosion, provided by the Associated Press, below: