Pellenc designs Compact+ for smaller footprints
Image courtesy of Pellenc ST

Pellenc designs Compact+ for smaller footprints

French technology provider says its new device provides high functionality in a small configuration.

September 14, 2022

Pellenc ST is offering the Compact+ automated sorting machine “to support operators with their sorting line refurbishment projects and integrators with complex projects.”

The France-based company calls the Compact+ the latest generation in its Compact line. Those machines, Pellenc says, “are inherently compact and share the latest advanced sorting technology with the Mistral+ Connect, giving the same high levels of performance.”

The new Compact+ is available in two configurations (conveyor or gantry) and “is particularly suited to installations where space and access [are] limited,” Pellenc says, including facility retrofits.

“The machines have been designed to interface easily with all types of high-speed conveyors supplied by different integrators, whether for a refurbishment project or a new sorting center,” Pellenc adds.

As well as being easy to integrate, the Compact+ combines a new spectrometer with an extended near-infrared (NIR)/visible (VIS) spectrum designed to provide “focused illumination.” Pellenc adds, “This combination enables recovery of [materials] to high levels of purity.” In particular, the “FLOW Detection” system improves the separation of paper from cardboard; sorting different grades of PET plastic; or separating different grades of wood scrap.