NYC block proposed for demo

Owner of row of buildings reportedly resettling tenants to prepare way for demolition.

December 28, 2021

A row of more than a half-dozen mixed use commercial and residential buildings on Second Avenue near East 60th Street on Manhattan Island in New York is reportedly being targeted for demolition and redevelopment.

A late December online article by New York-based says there is a residential tenant who has resisted the property owner’s proposals to move out of an upper floor unit of one of the buildings.

If plans proceed, however, property owner Sean J. Lavin intends to tear down seven 110-year-old four-story buildings, according to city documents seen by

Those plans do not reveal what Lavin will propose to build on the site, although indicates Lavin and companies with which he is affiliated currently are constructing a “luxury apartment building” about 20 blocks away.