military circle mall
The indoor portion of Military Circle Mall, to be demolished next year, is about 960,000 square feet in area.
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Virginia structure to join mall demolition parade

City agency approves demolition of Military Circle Mall in Norfolk, Virginia.

August 16, 2022

The Economic Development Authority (EDA) of the city of Norfolk, Virginia, has announced the Military Circle Mall will cease operations by the end of this year with the intention of scheduling its demolition for 2023.

“The EDA board unanimously decided to move forward with the demolition of the current mall to prepare the site for future redevelopment,” says Jared Chalk, director of economic development for the city of Norfolk. “The site will be converted to passive open space while ongoing discussions occur regarding the future of the Military Circle corridor."

The mall is not vacant, with the EDA saying a “robust tenant relocation plan is in place that includes relocation assistance for current tenants.”

The demolition of the mall, which was built in 1970, is slated to begin in the first quarter of 2023. Wikipedia, citing a former owner of the property, says the indoor portion of the mall is about 960,000 square feet in area.

An report from Norfolk-based WAVY-TV says the EDA purchased “the majority,” but not all of, the mall’s property in 2020. Thus, two larger retailers may remain in a free-standing format.

The TV station has received three redevelopment proposals for the property, including one from a local developer and two from individuals with national name recognition: former football player Emmitt Smith and musician Pharrell Williams.

The proposals from Smith and Williams involve building arenas, with Williams saying he has been in contact with sports leagues concerning franchise possibilities.