metsooutotec chamber service
MetsoOutotec says its new online service allows crushing plant operators to find the optimal chamber geometry and crushing parameters for a project.
Photo courtesy of MetsoOutotec.

Metso Outotec adds crusher settings service

Equipment provider says its Chamber Expert Service boosts its ability to assist customers remotely.

Metso Outotec, a Finland-based global provider of aggregates processing equipment, is launching what it calls its Chamber Expert Service. Metso Outotec describes the new service as one that brings its “wide selection of crusher wear parts with crushing process-specific application instructions delivered to the customer’s crushing site.”

The service uses Metso Outotec’s online wear part product catalogue and the Chamber Pro online simulation tool to help “select the optimal chamber geometry and crushing parameters” that match the customer’s production targets and the specific crushing process, the firm says.

In aggregates creation processes, the optimal chamber geometry and crushing parameters improve process performance and reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, yielding an increase in saleable products and a longer wear part life cycle, Metso Outotec adds.

“The service has been developed in response to customers’ increasing demand for continuous improvements in process performance,” says Jarkko Leppänen, vice president at Metso Outotec.

Leppänen adds, “The correct wear part and verified sizing make a clear and sustainable difference for the customer’s crushing process.”

Jukka Salovaara, a global business support manager at the company, says, “The Chamber Pro simulator enables us to predict how changing chamber geometry and crusher running parameters affect machine performance, so we can give tangible production commitments.”

Metso Outotec lists benefits of Chamber Expert Service as: finding the best performing chamber to match customer capacity and quality targets; ensuring optimal chamber geometry and crushing parameters; yielding improved process performance and lower energy consumption, bringing improved sustainability benefits; boosting cost efficiency without a major investment in new equipment; and tracking verified wear part lifetime.

More information about Metso Outotec’s Chamber Expert Service can be found here.