MJ4000M in action
Photo courtesy Metso

Metso Waste & Recycling: M&J 4000M used for tire-shredding application

See one of the many ways Metso's M&J 4000M can be used and what it can produce.

November 1, 2021

The high volume of tires gives them a propensity to fill landfills faster. With Metso’s advanced shredding technology and as pictured here, tires can be reduced to minimize the volume and save as much valuable landfill area as possible.

Extending the life of landfills is the first step toward sustainability, and the versatility and variable configurations of Metso’s mobile preshredders make them the best tool in the market for achieving that goal.

Pictured below is a closer look at the output size after tires have been processed by an M&J PreShred 4000M.

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Tire output size after using the MJ4000M