Metso F-series shredders
Its new F-series shredders are “particularly suitable for the production of alternative fuels like RDF and SRF,” says Metso Outotec.
Photo provided by Metso Outotec Waste Recycling.

Metso Outotec introduces F-series FineShredders line

Equipment company says the shredders are designed for RDF production.

September 15, 2021

Metso Outotec Waste Recycling says it has strengthened its position in the market for makers of products like refuse-derived fuel (RDF) and solid recovered fuel (SRF) via its FineShredders F-series line of equipment.

The new M&J F-series of shredders can be adapted to “virtually all fractions and capacity requirements up to 23 tons per hour at 50 millimeters (two inches) and 28 tons per hour at 100 millimeters (four inches),” states the firm.

The F-series consists of three models: the F140, F210 and F320. Each of the models can “adapt easily and quickly to different materials, without even stopping production,” says the company.

“The engineers have really outdone themselves with the M&J F-series, so as to make life as easy as possible for the customer,” says Morten Kiil Rasmussen, Commercial Director, Metso Outotec Waste Recycling. “In addition to the well-known Metso Outotec Waste Recycling build quality, you can enjoy a FineShredder that keeps energy and operating costs to a minimum. We have matched and exceeded our customers’ current and future needs.”

What the company calls “a cleverly designed rotor” leads to high-efficiency shredding of “qualified materials, making it particularly suitable for the production of alternative fuels like RDF and SRF,” says Metso Outotec. In addition, the machines leave a very small number of undesired fines, adds the company.

Metso Outotec Waste Recycling also cites minimal maintenance, a unique cutting system and less heat generation (thus no downtime due to molten plastic) as “some of the many other benefits of the new M&J F-Series. States the company, “The FineShredders are extremely flexible. You just decide the output size and the pusher adjust to meet your needs. In addition, the highly efficient knife system requires virtually no maintenance or adjustment.”