Metso Outotec helps customers achieve their shredding goals

Metso Outotec helps customers achieve their shredding goals

The Finland-based company says shredding can make the most of recyclable resources, such as bulky, C&I and C&D waste.

February 12, 2021

As many parts of the world embark toward a greener future, Helsinki, Finland-based Metso Outotec Waste Recycling says shredding can make the most of bulky, commercial and industrial (C&I), and construction & demolition (C&D) waste.

In an effort to join the fight towards sustainability, the company says its machines are designed to be “among the most efficient on the market when it comes to ensuring a homogeneous supply of shredded waste for waste-to-energy plants.”

With shredding playing a crucial role in the recycling of more challenging fractions, Metso’s General Sale Manager says the company has solutions to “virtually all challenges in waste management.”

According to Metso, shredding can increase capacity because sorting becomes much easier when large items are shredded into smaller, manageable materials. In addition, there are large savings to be had from shredding the waste before it is transported on to the plants that will recycle the resources.

Below are a selection of customers Metso has helped to achieve their shredding goals:


Operating in over 300 locations throughout the U.K., Sita provides an extensive range of managed services. Part of the overall waste strategy for London, the station is set on increasing recycling rates up to 50 percent on an annual basis. Efficient and reliable shredding is a necessary element of this process. However, for Sita, efficiency is also strongly associated with onsite mobility. It is also the reason why Sita chose the mobile M&J PreShred 4000, Metso says.


Marius Pedersen, a leader in environmental services, process bulk waste for a municipal incineration facility at Lisbjerg.

Following primary sorting and using the new Metso M&J PreShred 4000S, the plant can reduce waste elements to particles smaller than 300 mm which are then moved directly to the incinerator on a conveyer belt. The newly developed cutting system enables Marius Pedersen to guarantee a uniform output, allowing stable conveyor belt operation without downtime.


N15 Technology faced some challenges when it came to shredding certain difficult industrial waste fractions. As a result, it was decided to find an effective pre-shredder to handle the task. At the same time, the company wanted to produce RDF of less than 100mm. The choice fell on M&J PreShred 1000 – 7 knife configurations. The stationary model can be adapted to individual needs, with respect to both RDF materials, grain size and capacity.


ResourceCo and Cleanaway Waste Management have teamed up to open the country’s largest resource recovery facility incorporating processed engineered fuel (PEF). The market’s highest reliability and an impressive output (up to 50 tons per hour) placed M&J PreShred 6000S at the forefront of the queue when the time came to select a PreShredder for the new factory.