Metso offers new shear model
The NIS 1620 shear from Metso can process up to 60 tons per hour of scrap.
Photo provided by Metso Outotec USA Inc.

Metso offers new shear model

NIS 1620-11 BL100 Incline Shear is designed to take on bulky and lengthy forms of scrap.

May 25, 2021

San Antonio-based Metso Outotec USA Inc. says its Metso Metal Recycling product line now includes a larger incline shear option with the introduction of the Metso NIS 1620-11 BL100 Incline Shear.

The NIS 1620 shear produces up to 1,760 tons of shearing force with a single-rake angle shear blade design, says the company. The new model also is equipped with higher pre-compression forces for denser scrap production, according to Metso.

“This is a high production recycling industry work horse with shearing rates up to 60 tons per hour,” the company states. Other features incorporated into the shear provide what the company calls “the highest efficiency shear operation available.”

Metso NIS Shears excel at processing large bulky scrap, long forms of scrap and all general types of scrap, states the company. The Metso NIS shears are capable of fully automatic operation in most applications, adds the firm.