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Ohio EPA orders cleanup of Cleveland facility after finding four-story debris piles

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) ordered a Cleveland facility to clean up piles of construction and demolition (C&D) debris on its site. Arco Recycling, located in East Cleveland, received a notice of violation in early January, a spokeswoman from the Ohio EPA says.

According to the spokeswoman, another order was issued to remove the debris within two weeks of when the company received the first order in the beginning of January.

Arco Recycling received a permit to process C&D at the site in mid-2016 and had equipment to process the material, the spokeswoman says. It also was provided a best practices guide.

The order was filed after residents complained and Ohio EPA determined the site was an open dump rather than a recycling facility due to the large amounts of C&D debris being held on the site and the lack of processing. Arco Recycling is also undergoing emissions tests after residents complained of air emissions and noise violations.

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