Ohio county demolishes 100th blighted property

The former Pulley Nursing Home in Lawrence County has been vacant since 2006.


Neighbors and officials in Burlington, Ohio, are celebrating the 100th demolition of a blighted property in the last 349 days, a report by WSAZ says. The Pulley Nursing Home was demolished as part of the city’s efforts to removed blighted homes and properties.

Since the property was commercial, it was not eligible for grant money that demolished 99 abandoned and tax-delinquent homes in less than a year in Lawrence County, the report says. The $95,000 cost has been raised locally from the county land bank, county commissioners and clerk of courts, as well as local donations.

The bulk of the funds, the report says, was needed to remove asbestos.

Stephen Burcham, Lawrence County Treasurer, says in the report discussions are underway for what business will replace the nursing home. The plan is for the land bank to lease the property to a business, most likely another nursing home, and use the money to fund more projects.

Officials say in the report the last resident in the Pulley Nursing Home left in 2006. The property had collected more than $4 million of liens, but it is now free.

The report says the county received $4.325 million in grant money to demolish blighted residential properties, and the cost of demolition has been less than expected. The report says officials plan to demolish more than 300 more properties before the project’s deadline of December 2020.

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