komatsu pc7811 excavator
Features of the new Komatsu excavator allow it lower overall fuel consumption by up to 13 percent.
Photo provided by Komatsu.

Komatsu model designed for confined spaces

Company’s PC78US-11 excavator suitable for urban worksites.

September 10, 2021

The Komatsu PC78US-11, now available in North America, is described by the company as a “tight tail swing” excavator that can be ideal for urban environments and confined spaces, such as demolition sites.

The model’s high flow auxiliary hydraulics and proportional joysticks offer “incredible job versatility” and “precise attachment control,” says Komatsu.

The six working modes of the PC78US-11 allow operators to tailor the machine to the required tasks, whether for fuel savings or performance, adds the company.

What Komatsu calls a high-efficiency power package and viscous fan clutch combine to lower overall fuel consumption by up to 13 percent. A “smart, simplified catalytic system removes soot without a diesel particulate filter, lowering maintenance costs and cost of ownership,” adds the firm.

Large service access doors and grouped service points with ground-level access make periodic maintenance of the PC78US-11 accessible and efficient, says Komatsu.

Operators of the PC78US-11 can work in a quiet, climate-controlled cab featuring an air suspension seat, Bluetooth radio, and high-resolution monitor with rearview camera, the company adds.