ConExpo 2020: Kobelco puts more than 20 products on display
Machines for the demolition by Kobelco can be assembled with a high-reach configuration.
Photo provided by Kobelco.

ConExpo 2020: Kobelco puts more than 20 products on display

Company’s excavator line receives much of the focus, but specialty equipment also on display.


Global construction equipment maker Kobelco displayed more than 20 pieces of equipment, including a hybrid energy excavator, at the 2020 ConExpo-Con/Agg event in Las Vegas in March.

In addition to its excavators, Kobelco displayed specialty configured material handlers for automotive dismantling and building demolition.

“Kobelco is continually working to develop new solutions and innovations that provide customers with increased productivity and efficiency,” says Jack Fendrick, chief operating officer and vice president of KOBELCO USA. “We also continue to enhance our capabilities, and recently expanded our headquarters and parts facility in Texas, as well as steadily increased production at our South Carolina manufacturing facility.”

The hybrid-powered Generation 11 excavator is the first such model available in North America, according to the company. Kobelco says its hybrid models, featuring an electric swing motor, boast up to a 15 percent decrease in fuel consumption and an 88 percent decrease in nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions compared to a standard model.

Kobelco says the Generation 11 will fit in with its other excavators by delivering “unmatched power, efficiency and machine control capabilities.”

On the auto recycling front, Kobelco says its SK140SRD-5 and SK210D-10 Car Demolition models are factory-built for the auto dismantling and recycling industry “to take apart vehicle bodies, engines and other metal components with precise, safe and efficient operation.” The Kobelco machines can process up to 70 cars per day using what the company calls “the strongest nibbler tool and cutting blades in the industry.”

KOBELCO models in its Building Demolition line “provide powerful and practical solutions for almost any demolition task through the use of rugged designs, comfortable cabs, and energy-efficient engines and hydraulic systems,” says the company.

Koblelco’s SK350DLC-10, SK400DLC-10 and SK550DLC-10 customized excavators are engineered to demolish buildings up to nine stories high and offer features to increase job productivity and reduce downtime, says the equipment maker.

The Building Demolition machines are available with a three-piece separate boom demolition front and a high-reach front. The separate boom boasts a wide working range and simplifies the demolition of lower and underground levels, while the ultra-long attachment enables the machines to demolish higher levels, according to Kobelco. The units are equipped with the NEXT attachment system designed to simplify setup and teardown, while side-mounted hydraulic piping can be attached quickly and safely at ground level.