Kiverco says its Ks series offers modular sorting
Graphic provided by Kiverco.

Kiverco says its Ks series offers modular sorting

U.K.-based firm says its sorting system can be delivered by one truck and be up and running quickly.

March 23, 2021

United Kingdom-based Kiverco describes its new Ks series as a “simple yet highly effective” range of sorting plants that come in modules and allow for the recovery of up to 14 products from various mixed recyclables streams.

Adds Kiverco, “The most interesting feature of the new systems is that you can offload, install and operate [them] all in the same day.”

Gareth Hawthrone, senior technical engineer at Kiverco, comments, “The Ks series is a pioneering yet simple concept that has never been packaged like this before. This highly robust ‘static plant’ allows waste companies to immediately remove valuable commodities from the waste stream, which can be reused and/or recycled cost-effectively, diverting waste from landfill.”

The company says bricks, concrete and wood can be retrieved from mixed C&D materials in one application and paper, old corrugated containers, plastics, metals and other recyclables can be harvested from single-stream municipal collected materials.

Hawthrone says the company’s plants, which have been installed in more than 300 settings, “have been designed, engineered and built using the most durable materials to ensure it withstands the test of time, whilst offering customers a simple user-friendly solution for waste processing and recovery.”

J.P. Devlin, an area sales manager for Kiverco, adds, “There are the obvious benefits of having a plant installed quickly and being operational within a few hours. This type of plant will appeal to finance companies as it is easy to decommission, move/sell, and it will recover a healthy return on investment due to the economical price point set for entry-level users. There is also strong interest from [rental] companies who see this as the first ‘static-type plant’ that they can hire and move around: it suits the rental market. Although the range has only just been introduced, we have already taken several orders and have lots of interest from other potential customers.”

More information on the Kiverco Ks series and its other sorting equipment can be found on this web page