Intercomp touts benefits of its scale touchscreen

Company says its touch-screen interface can connect with up to 12 truck scales.


Medina, Minnesota-based Intercomp has introduced its TS30 Touchscreen CPU, which it says provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface in static scale and weight-In-motion (WIM) applications, “increasing the efficiency of nearly any vehicle weighing operation.”

The TS30 unit, which can easily be carried by one person to where it needs to be deployed, uses wireless technology to communicate with up to 12 scales within 300 feet. Intercomp says its “reliable RFX Wireless Weighing Technology allows users to control all functions of each scale pad from a safe distance and view wheel, axle, group, and gross vehicle weights (GVW) at a glance.”

Two USB and ethernet ports provide the ability to show weight data on a scoreboard display or transfer/download data for longer term digital storage, says Intercomp. The device’s built-in memory also provides store and recall capabilities for more than 2 million weight records, says the firm.

 Intercomp says additional benefits of the TS30 Touchscreen include:

  • physical weigh tickets can be produced using the unit’s built-in thermal printer;
  • it features easy-to-navigate menus using its color touchscreen;
  • it can switch in one touch between static and WIM modes;
  • the TS30 is compatible with all Intercomp RFX-enabled scales; and
  • the device’s CPU software can be customized for specific applications.

More information on the Intercomp TS30 Touchscreen CPU, including access to a video on the product, can be found on this web page.