Hydro Torch
Photo courtesy Hydro Cutting Systems

Hydrogen Cutting Systems to showcase torch system at Scrap Expo

The system brings high-temperature hydrogen gas cutting technology to the scrap recycling industry. 

August 12, 2022

Palm Beach, Florida-based Hydrogen Cutting Systems LLC (HCS), a division of Palm Beach-based Total Combustion, has announced a new proprietary hydrogen torch system.   

According to a news release from the company, the system brings high-temperature hydrogen gas cutting technology to the scrap recycling industry. While leveraging traditional gases such as propane or acetylene as propellants, the system infuses hydrogen. The system reduces emissions, reduces ongoing operating expenses and increases productivity.   

The torch cutting solution is made through proprietary technology that provides hydrogen on-demand. By delivering a continual flow of hydrogen and blending it with the minimum amounts of oxygen and other gases, the system delivers a high-temperature cutting flame.   

The company says the cutting process benefits from the high temperatures in many ways. It immediately combusts particulate matter, reducing emissions and smoke. The burn rate for oxygen and propane or acetylene also is reduced, lowering ongoing operating costs. Finally, the torch is easier to use, which increases productivity for each torchman.   

Developed by scrap industry veterans in combination with top-flight engineers, Hydrogen Cutting Systems is offering the system in a modular, fully portable platform. Each unit can support up to four torchmen, and multiple units may be used at the same job site.   

The system will be unveiled during Scrap Expo 2022, where HCS will be at outdoor booth No. 8. Live demonstrations will be offered. For more information, contact Jacob Youngman or click here.