Husqvarna unveils new battery-powered light construction equipment

Husqvarna unveils new battery-powered light construction equipment

The company says the equipment can help contractors work without fuel, cords and direct emissions.


Husqvarna Construction, with U.S. headquarters in Olathe, Kansas, has unveiled its new battery-powered light construction equipment that will help contractors work without fuel, cords and direct emissions.


First unveiled at World of Concrete 2021, the K1 PACE high power battery cutter utilizes the PACE battery system. According to Husqvarna, with K1 PACE contractors can expect power and performance equivalent to gas-powered cutters with all the additional benefits battery powered equipment brings to both operators and the environment.


The i-Series is a family of 36V battery-powered products. The company says it is a versatile range of equipment for a variety of different construction applications and compatible with a broad range of Husqvarna's forest and garden products.

Several new i-Series products were revealed at World of Concrete, including:

  • WT 15i battery-powered water tank is a compact and easy-to-use 4 gallon water tank that helps contractors work efficiently. It has an electric pump, so there is no manual pumping required. It has an integrated hose with a connector applicable for Husqvarna cutting or drilling equipment. The hose has a length of 10 feet to give contractors comfortable distance to the cutting area.
  • BV 30i battery-powered screed is cordless and lightweight, operates with low vibrations and does not emit direct exhaust fumes—providing a more pleasant working environment.
  • DM 540i battery-powered drill motor fits in narrow corners, has low weight, is optimally balanced and easy to use. It is optimized for handheld drilling most materials, but especially reinforced concrete with diameters up to 3 inches. It can be mounted on the Husqvarna DS 150 stand to drill up to 4 inches diameter holes.
  • DE 110i battery-powered dust extractor is compact and easy to transport, yet powerful, according to Husqvarna. This H class dust extractor can be paired with the DM 540i drill motor as well as other handheld equipment within the i-Series 36V platform. It is equipped with a user friendly HMI, SmartFlow that automatically adjusts the airflow while securing maximum runtime from the batteries.
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