Husqvarna introduces K770 Vac

Husqvarna introduces K770 Vac

Husqvarna says the K770 Vac offers the added benefit of dust extraction.

February 6, 2019
Edited by Adam Redling

The Stockholm-based Husqvarna announced the introduction of its K770 Vac. Husqvarna says the K770 Vac offers the power and efficiency of the lightweight K770 power cutter while offering the added benefit of dust extraction.

The power cutter features a distinct blade guard, which helps collect the dust while cutting and directs it to the hose. The flexible hose connector then easily attaches to an external dust extractor, and facilitates dust removal and containment. In addition to the blade guard, the integrated gearbox reduces the speed of the blade in order to optimize the removal of dust.

The K770 Vac can cut up to 4.8 inches (122 mm)—almost the same cutting depth as a 14 inch machine.

According to the company, using Husqvarna’s dry cutting power cutter will help increase operator health and safety and allow for a slurry-free workspace, minimizing the need for cleaning and preparing the work site.

Features of the K770 Vac include: 

Easy to connect: The Husqvarna K770 Vac features a connection on the righthand side of the body. This makes it easy to attach it to an external dust extractor.

Effective cutting: The powerful engine, paired with an external dust extractor, enables dry cutting performance in areas and environments with high dust and slurry restrictions.

Durable design: All Husqvarna power cutters are built to withstand heavy-duty use, including the reliable Husqvarna K770 Vac.

Smart protection: The double, foldable protections enable better dust handling and fold into the blade guard during operation.

The SmartTension System: The SmartTension spring-loaded, semi-automatic system makes it easy to ensure that the drive belt is always kept in the correct tension. This allows optimal power transmission as well as minimal wear and maximum life of the belt.

Maximized cutting depth: Due to the integrated gearbox, the positioning of the pulley and the 2.4 inch (60 mm) flange, the cutting depth is an impressive 4.8 inches (122 mm)—a depth very close to that of a 14 inch machine.