NYC fire disrupts demo process
Image courtesy of Dreamstime.

NYC fire disrupts demo process

Fire at Manhattan hotel being dismantled draws several fire fighting vehicles to scene.

February 8, 2022

A Feb. 7 fire at a Midtown Manhattan hotel that is being dismantled drew the attention of several emergency vehicles, according to a local media report.

An article on the website indicates the 23-story Hotel Pennsylvania on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, where the fire broke out, is in the process of being dismantled.

No injuries were immediately reported at the scene, according to the website, which cites a Fire Department of New York spokesperson as its source. also indicates “the hotel has been free of guests since it closed to the public last year.”

More than 75 fire fighters were on hand to help contain the fire, which emitted visible billowing smoke, according to the news organization.

The development firm that owns the more than 100-year-old hotel intends to fully dismantle it and build “a 1,270-foot-tall office skyscraper” on the land, which is near New York’s Penn Station.