Hitachi debuts ZW180-6 loader
Hitachi ZW180-6 wheel loader

Hitachi debuts ZW180-6 loader

The construction-duty loader offers operators with versatility and comfort.

September 16, 2019

Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America, Newnan, Georgia, has announced the addition of its updated ZW180 to its Dash-6 lineup of mid-sized wheel loaders. The company reports that it developed the Dash-6 series to compete with the industry’s most productive and durable equipment brands. Designed to serve as a workhorse in loader applications, the ZW180-6 loader can handle hard-working days while adapting to a full range of varied loader tasks.

Weighing in at 32,100 pounds, the ZW180-6 delivers 26,530 pounds of breakout force, powered by a Cummins 200-horsepower Tier 4 Final QSB6.7 engine. Customers are offered a choice of a 3.4-yard general purpose bucket or a 4.2-yard material handling bucket. Able to lift as much as 3,000 pounds of material, the ZW180 can reach loading heights up to 12.9 feet.

Versatility features

According to Hitachi, a key element in the ZW180-6’s design for versatility is the company’s new Power Mode switch, which is mounted on the steering joystick. A touch of the Power Mode switch gives the operator immediate access to additional rim-pull and breakout force for digging into heavy piles or for climbing grades while carrying a full load. Available in any auto and manual ranges, the switch to Power Mode instantly produces a 10 percent burst in engine rpm. The Power Mode allows faster acceleration without limiting the loader’s top speed on flat runs. The extra power also boosts hydraulic flow to allow quicker bucket lifts for faster cycle times. 

The ZW180-6 also features an automatic power-up function which responsively increases engine rpm anytime the loader slows down due to travel on an uphill grade, Hitachi reports in a news release on the ZW180-6. 

Operator performance features

The ZW180-6 targets the needs of operators with popular smart technology including ride control, telematics, auto power-up and an operator-friendly LCD color monitor. The cab is fully fitted out for the operator’s creature comforts and convenience, including automatic A/C, excellent ventilation and a new sound system with roof-mounted speakers. The compartment is sealed airtight and pressurized to keep out dust and dirt.

An extensive range of intuitive controls come easily to hand for responsive power, steering and loading functions, Hitachi reports. The tilt/telescoping steering pedestal is linked to a pop-up pedal that quickly returns the steering pedestal to its start position. The transmission offers two auto modes and one manual mode to adapt to the day’s applications. A shift-to-hold switch overrides automatic settings to hold the transmission in its current gear until the operator presses it again or changes direction, giving it the extra traction or torque required at that time.

Hitachi’s parallel/tandem hydraulic circuit makes load lifting and dumping even more efficient. The parallel tilt and lift movement smooths out digging operations while the tandem function prioritizes the bucket while dumping, as an automatic return-to-dig function resets the bucket for the next load.

Additionally, the ZW180-6 features a high level of visibility for operators. The company reports that a seamless front window, rounded engine cowling and a redesigned ROPS frame allows for clean 360-degree lines of sight. Its exhaust and intake stacks are relocated to the far rear end of the engine cover, minimizing their profile in the operator’s view. The rear pillars of the ROPS frame struts are mounted forward and away from the rounded corners of the cab. A rear-mounted safety camera is standard equipment, along with a proximity detection system providing audible and visual alerts for stationary and moving objects up to 20 feet away from the loader.

Engine features

By eliminating diesel particulate filter (DPF) and the required regen cycles from its Dash-6 machines, Hitachi now takes the industry lead in Tier 4 Final solutions for wheel loaders, the company reports in a news release on the ZW180-6 loader. The ZW180-6 is equipped with a clean selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system using just a simple diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) system that lets the machine run efficiently without high engine temperatures and eliminates concerns about idle times. Fleet managers can expect less downtime for engine maintenance and extended engine life to overhaul, Hitachi reports. 

In addition, an auto shutdown feature provides further savings on fuel and emissions, adding up to about a 7 percent reduction in fuel cost during load-and-carry operations.

Telematics with Hitachi’s Global e-Service allows ZW180‑6 owners to monitor their loaders remotely for machine performance, daily operational reports, remote diagnosis, as well as being able to schedule maintenance dates. The results are also provided automatically in a monthly email summary with Hitachi’s ConSite program.