General Kinematics Finger Screen
Image courtesy General Kinematics

General Kinematics: Improve material purity with the Finger-Screen 2.0

General Kinematics’ Finger-Screen™ 2.0 has been redesigned with more energy, a faster travel rate and a higher lift for challenging materials like garbage bags and more.

September 1, 2022

The Finger-Screen™ 2.0 Primary Screen takes screening to the next level. Featuring an enhanced vibratory action that spreads material across the deck for maximum utilization of the screen area, tapered finger designs along with unique cam-out surfaces and staggered positions help to prevent material bypass. Separation performance is further improved as material freely cascades down the deck with less plugging, trapping or pegging. This creates a continuous, dynamic material flow to optimize separation and classification.

The Finger-Screen™ 2.0 boasts more energy, a faster travel rate and a higher lift for challenging materials, including garbage bags, yard waste and other lightweight, flexible materials. The longer displacement allows the unit to push through the elastic range of these materials effectively.

Rotary trommels aerate materials, which cause blinding and pass long pokers with a high level of daily cleaning and maintenance requirements. The Finger-Screen™ 2.0 separates materials based on 3D sizing with minimal blinding and minimal housekeeping. When used as the primary screen, Finger-Screen™ 2.0 provides the initial size separation, which scalps off any potentially destructive contaminants, allowing the rest of the downstream equipment to operate effectively.

Watch the video to see a detailed example of how it works: