Fontaine introduces trailer for heavy haul market
The 60LCC trailer by Fontaine has been designed to haul loads of up to 60 tons.
Image provided by Fontaine.

Fontaine introduces trailer for heavy haul market

Alabama-based fabricator says its four-axle trailer can haul 60-ton loads.


Springville, Alabama-based Fontaine Heavy-Haul is introducing a new lowbed trailer called the Fontaine Magnitude 60LCC it says can haul 60-ton loads in an efficient configuration.

Fontaine, a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway company that describes itself as a technology leader and innovator in the lowbed trailer industry, says the Magnitude 60LCC is designed for customers operating in regions where spread axle configurations are not required to maximize their trailer loads.

“If local regulations allow a more concentrated load this trailer is a great choice,” says Todd Anderson, Fontaine’s vice president of sales and marketing. “It can handle 60 tons without adding a flip box or a spreader. This means our customers get a much lighter trailer setup at a much lower acquisition cost. Plus, maneuverability is greatly improved since the overall length is reduced by more than 11 feet compared to a trailer equipped with a flip box, spreader and fourth axle. With its 60-ton capacity and 18-inch deck height, this trailer is a winner,” he adds.

When applications require a spread axle configuration, Fontaine says the Magnitude 60LCC can accept a 23-inch flip box and a Fontaine EQ1 spreader with a fourth axle. In this configuration, the trailer can haul 55 tons with a 125-inch swing radius, says the firm.

Fontaine says the new trailer is fabricated with 100,000-pound minimum yield steel flanges, and “is built tough and designed to provide years of reliable service.” The trailer boasts a 26-foot clear deck length and a loaded deck height of 18 inches with 6 inches of ground clearance, according to Fontaine.