Florida construction worker dies after demolition accident

A 13-story building in Miami Beach collapsed during a controlled demolition, causing debris to hit a worker and sever his leg.


A construction worker died the morning of Aug. 3, more than a week after a demolition accident in Miami Beach severed his leg, a report by WPLG Local 10 says.

The 13-story Marlborough House condominium building collapsed July 21 “in an unsafe manner, causing debris and thick smoke” to cover a nearby street, the report says. Because of the debris that fell in the surrounding area, police shut down nearby streets for blocks.

Authorities say in the report that there was a demolition permit for the building, but not an implosion permit. According to the report, something happened during the controlled demolition that caused the entire structure to collapse.

Witnesses saw a piece of debris strike the worker just below the chest, throwing him several feet, the report says. A video shows the worker at the site when a piece of flying debris hits his leg. He was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center by Miami Beach Fire Rescue, where he was initially listed as being in critical condition.

The report says the Marlborough House was set to be demolished to make way for an oceanfront tower.