doppstadt inventhor shredder
Wood reycling is among the applications recommended for the Doppstadt Inventhor Type 6.
Photo provided by Doppstadt.

Doppstadt Inventhor Type 6 coming in May

Company says shredder is designed to efficiently shred wood and other materials.

Velbert, Germany-based Doppstadt says its new Inventhor Type 6 model is part of the latest generation of slow-speed shredders and is designed to deliver maximum efficiency during shredding.

Applications for the Inventhor Type 6 include the shredding and recycling of wood and other materials at landfills and recycling facilities, or at thermal waste processing operations in pre-shredding through to the homogenization step.

Doppstadt says its multi-tool concept means the Type 6 can be quickly adjusted to run different materials by switching out the entire shredding system (shaft with teeth, toothed bar and, if necessary, limiters).

The model’s Smart Hopper has a volume of two cubic meters (2.6 cubic yards), which can be increased up to approximately five cubic meters (6.5 cubic yards) by using auxiliary attachment panels, says Doppstadt. The Smart Hopper can either be loaded and tilted to feed a batch, or it can be set at an angle so material automatically slides into the shredding area.

Many components of the Type 6 have been optimized to ensure easy accessibility and quick conversions, adds Doppstadt. “Our easy access concept with a counter comb opening up to an angle of 90 degrees makes the entire shredding area and engine compartment easy to access,” states the firm. “This means that maintenance and switchover procedures can be carried out quickly and safely.”

The firm lists the Inventhor Type 6 as the successor to its DW 3060 model, and now “the first choice for anyone whose operations profit significantly from reliable and cost-optimized shredding.” Adds Doppstadt, “All the experience from the DW 3060 series was systematically analyzed and incorporated into the new machine’s concept.”

The machine also features Doppstadt’s VarioDirect Drive concept and gearbox, which allows the operator to stop and start the shredding process even under load. Thus, in case of a blockage, the Vario gearbox can automatically switch to reverse mode in order to reliably protect the Inventhor Type 6 from damage, according to the firm.

The company says it expects the market launch for the Inventhor Type 6 to be in May 2020. Additional information on the machine is available on the company’s website