Devil’s Canyon Brewing Co. awarded Business of the Year by local chamber of commerce

Brewing company’s sustainable practices include using anaerobic digestion and repurposed materials at its Bay Area location.

February 16, 2015

Devil’s Canyon Brewing Co., San Carlos, California, has been awarded “Business of the Year” from the San Carlos Chamber of Commerce and the city of San Carlos.

Since its founding in 2001, Devil’s Canyon Brewing says it has followed a C.O.R.E. philosophy—C.O.R.E. being a “Culture of Re-utilization Ethic.” In addition to making award-winning, sustainably handcrafted beer and root beer, since its start the brewery has been redirecting materials destined for landfills and using them either internally or ensuring they go to another business or group that can benefit by re-utilizing them.

Originally based in Belmont, California, the brewery relocated to San Carlos in 2013. The new site was initially the Varian Associates building (circa 1948) and most recently the home of Tesla Motor’s R&D unit.

Devil’s Canyon Brewing says that its renovation of the structure to accommodate the brewery and public event center showcases the progressive thinking and environmental stewardship that have been a hallmark of its business.

From re-claimed lumber to an infrastructure that boasts more than 90 percent repurposed materials, Devil’s Canyon claims that its new facility is an authentic testament to its commitment to set the standard for innovative sustainability efforts.

The company also opened an anaerobic digester that converts brewery waste, including spent grains, into biogas to run the brewery.

Opened to the public in May 2014, the digester from Park City, Utah-based Pure Energy Group is considered the first project of its kind to be permitted and operational in an urban setting.

“We are thankful for the recognition of our efforts in creating and operating a sustainable business that is a hub for all members of our community,” says Chris Garrett, founder and CEO of Devil’s Canyon Brewing. “We are thrilled to be in San Carlos. The residents and the city have not only embraced us, but their support and generosity has impassioned us to achieve even more in the years ahead.”