Demolition company confirms deaths of two missing workers following power plant collapse

Adamo Group has recovered the remains of Clyde “Doug” Gray, but the body of James “Jamie” Fitzgerald has yet to be located.

December 15, 2020

After several days of searching, the president of demolition company Adamo Group, Detroit, shared that the two missing people following the Killen Generating Station collapse in Adams County, Ohio, have been pronounced dead.

On Dec. 12, the company located the remains of one of the two missing workers. According to WLWT, the family was notified, and officials confirmed the body of Clyde “Doug” Gray. The body of the second missing worker has yet to be located, but Adamo Group has now pronounced James “Jamie” Fitzgerald as deceased.

In a statement Richard Adamo shared his condolences to Fitzgerald’s family, fiancée, friends and co-workers.

“We wish to advise you of the status of our efforts to locate our deceased employee, Jamie Fitzgerald. As you know, we have been using all resources available to remove the debris as expeditiously and safely as possible,” Adamo said. “At this time, Adamo Group has determined that much more debris must be removed based upon the probable location of Jamie. In order to continue the removal of the debris at the Killen Generating Station demolition site in Adams County, Ohio, an engineering plan must be developed.”

Adamo stated the company has engaged a nationally recognized engineering firm, Thornton and Tomasetti, New York, to come to the site, expected to arrive Dec. 15. Engineers from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are also scheduled to be on-site.

“The engineering plan will be developed by Thornton & Tomasetti and reviewed for safety compliance by OSHA and other law enforcement authorities to protect workers, law enforcement, emergency responders and OSHA officials during the process of debris removal,” Adamo said.

Adamo stated in the release, based upon the amount of debris required to be removed, the process could take up to two weeks. After the engineering plan is developed and approved, additional information will be released.

“We trust there is an understanding of how [this] process must be done in a manner that does not pose a safety hazard to those working on the recovery effort and is done with as much sensitivity as is possible,” Adamo said. “Our thoughts and prayers continue for Jamie’s family, fiancé, friends and co-workers.”