Demco focuses on making hauling, unloading easier

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Demco innovation is matched with industry recognized Demco durability.

May 5, 2022

Innovative Demco side dump trailer products and features have helped make loading, unloading and stockpiling aggregates easier on thousands of job sites.

Producers of crushed concrete and other aggregate materials know all too well that time is money, and excess time spent loading and unloading aggregates is time (and money) needlessly spent. For more than a half century, Demco, headquartered in Boyden, Iowa, has designed and built trailers in recognition of this crucial operational and profitability truism.

Faithful to its slogan “Doing Our Best to Provide You the Best,” Demco’s side dump trailers have been a boon to the recycled aggregates industry for decades, providing companies, their drivers and workers with a time-saving way to move heavy loads of material.

Like the recycling industry itself, innovation is intrinsic to how Demco operates. Ongoing upgrades to the company’s patented designs of its side dump trailers have included innovative pivot mounts, additional outer structural support and increased strength in the tub. All these features provide aggregate recyclers with long-lasting, efficient dumping and transport methods, available from Demco.

How to unload material on a job site with a small footprint leads to questions, but Demco has an answer: its side dump trailers allow for dumping in tight spaces, and they are equally suitable for highway projects, allowing contractors to create a windrow wherever it’s most convenient. Finally, Demco side dump trailers can unload from either side, potentially saving drivers from time-intensive maneuvering to a specific spot.

Drivers also appreciate that Demco side dump trailers have the lowest center of gravity in the industry, with the bottom of the tub sitting inside and below the top of the chassis frame rails. This allows for increased stability when hauling, as the weight of the load is closer to the ground compared with competing models with dump bodies that sit entirely above the chassis frame rails.

Demco innovation is matched with industry recognized durability. Each side dump trailer is equipped with a large single rail, making it stronger and lighter than most two-rail systems that handle tubs. The life of each trailer tub also is extended through our FlexCorner® design, which doesn’t crack under the same strain some other side-dump trailers cannot endure.

Remarkably, innovation and durability also are matched with industry-leading load capacity. Demco side dump trailers have the largest standard payload in the industry, with up to 26.1 cubic yards of capacity. Our side dump trailers are specially designed to handle larger, heavier loads without sacrificing stability and durability.

Users of Demco side dump trailers also report an easier clean-out from each tub, which has been raised to make room for its outer supports. It is one more reason why Demco side dump trailers reduce total cost of ownership by decreasing maintenance, increasing durability and enhancing resale value.

Prospective customers should visit to learn about the quality design, ease of use and safety aspects of Demco’s side dump trailers.